Top 10 Practices for Successful Online Rental Marketplace

Oct 11 , 2019 at 07:01 PM



Ouch !!. Are you Jobless? Or searching for part-time jobs ? or need to earn at home ? or got tried of doing routine work that gotta bored ? or no money to invest? Fine, you need not require entrepreneur skills.

For the most part, an entrepreneur is not that easy to handle. Because, it devours your energy, focus, learn, strategies and time and also it needs to maintain for the long term. Here I have discussed some tips to shine in the global market.  


Table of content : 

  1. what is a rental business? 

  2. Rental Industry

  3.  Here are best practices to follow

  1. Build supply and demand

  2. Create value apart from transaction

  3. Cater convenient transaction

  4. Make a gripping content structure

  5. Diminish a focus

  6. Client service

  7. Safeguard

  8. Revenue model

  9. Trademark

  10. Consume advanced technology stack.

  11. Winding-up


What is the Rental business?

In this fast-moving world, everyone is busy in their schedule so buying a new product and placing is the most irritating task. As the world becomes digital, so people are changing to a digital model where are they preferring to get a shared product than purchasing new products in the market.


A breakthrough in the rental industry:

Past few years, the rental industry has done great in the market and it creating an identity for many businesses like Airbnb, Red box, BFR and so on . On the other hand, the rental industry also facing some failures because of improper planning. While having perfect practices you can avoid such failures in your business.  

There I discuss few practices that make you overcome from failures to run the most successful rental business.


Here are Best Practices For Your Successful Business:

  1. Build supply and demand

  2. Create value apart from transaction

  3. Cater convenient transaction

  4. Make a gripping content structure

  5. Diminish a focus

  6. Client service

  7. Safeguard

  8. Revenue model

  9. Trademark

  10. Consume advanced technology stack

Let's start..!!


1.Build supply and demand :

Building supply and demand is the most key factor in practices. While having a good supply, customers can interact with your business and you may face success in the rental marketplace. This called laws of supply and demand. That is, supply says,  once your product rises/falls then the market price also rises/ falls whereas , demand says when your product sales increases then demand exists in the market.


2.Create value apart from the transaction :

Make your rental marketplace to be stickiness that leads the customers to complete a transaction within your platform. Beyond providing the offers and matches, you should value while taking some percentage in the transaction of payments among customers. Farther transaction, there are few values like insurance offering, customer care, creating a group and targeting the product or service uniqueness  


3.Cater convenient transaction :

For better marketplace performance, there should be less transaction friction. As much possible, maintain the number of clicks of sign in and transaction among customers. For the further benchmark, the customer experience must be valued, measured, experienced and analyzed.

Normally, when the customers need the transaction, the subscription service avoids it. So it coined that the marketplace is better than subscription services. Meanwhile, make your marketplace to work on mobile devices too because nowadays the mobile usage is high about 60% of traffic.


4. Make a gripping content structure:

To make a great brand your content has to be most attractive and unique. In content, you would say about you, your marketplace profile, tips, connection to professional peoples and also you can add additional information about your brand model which would visit more customers back to back. You can create content using a blog to obtain more traffic.


5.Diminish a focus:

When you are having a narrow focus on your business model so that the specific group or needed group would be started to follow your activities which exist in profile. To create such group formations, you can start the communities or geography. Meanwhile, having the board focus you can hit many customers who are looking for a business to start in the market. Therefore make a narrow focus to obtain more customers for your business.



6.Customer care:

Normally, all entrepreneurs need to know that customer care is the most important part of a business to run in successful and increase growth. A good customer service leads to more sales and profit where bad customer service vice versa

For example, when your business satisfies 5% of customer then you can gain cash flow up to 30%. absolutely, you can invest in customer service to reduce the churn rate that helps to acquire new customers.



Security is the major factor of the marketplace that make your business to the next level. To protect your information, data and important transaction you would need robust security for your marketplace


8.Revenue model:

The business decision is mainly for revenue growth. For this, the choice of business is the main determination of the successful revenue model. In the market, there is a various business that keeps changing in the functions but they have the same constitution.

While starting the business there is numerous model to follow like a unique selling point, target audience, analysis for competitive, price and revenue model and so on.


9.Trademark : 

When you create branding for your product is additional benefits for your revenue growth because it has a high impact and impression among customers in the market. Branding your business gives the loyalty customer and also increases the number of sales in business.

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10.Consume advanced technology stack :

In today’s era, every online business has to be advanced technology and hyperactivity that create one of a cornerstone in the market. To control the problems facing in the marketplace and scalability of the product to be fixed, the advanced technology is used. And try to deal with an expenditure of money and time.


Winding up :

The above top 10 practice which helps you to overcome from failures and build the unique marketplace though you are a budding entrepreneur who wishes to start a new online business in this platform or marketplace promoter who struggles to handle the competitors.

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