How to Start a Car Rental Business Using Our Readymade Airbnb Clone Script?

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Do you have a plan to start your own online business based on the B2C model? maybe there is numerous B2C business in the market but only a few businesses tasting the success. In that way, Airbnb is the foremost business model to obtain more profit within a short period of time. While aiming the replication success of Airbnb is a wise idea for budding entrepreneurs. Choosing the right Airbnb clone script is the factor for the most successful start-up.

What today’s a hot topic in Airbnb? Absolutely, the car rental industry occupying a huge profit with less investment. In recent times, a lot of rental businesses started to translate their business into the online market after the success of ride-sharing like uber.

While being an entrepreneur, it is better to rent the product than earning ownership. It provides profit as well as comfortableness in the business model and it also named as renting and sharing economy. Past few years, the car rental industry has been growing to extend with deviate. To thrive in the car rental industry, self-driving is the      on-trend renting for users

According to a survey, the car rental industry except to grow 15% CAGR within 2019- 2025. Therefore, Airbnb is the best idea to start a car rental business in the market.


Before starting the car rental business you must note the following topics...


The business model for online car rental marketplace

Car rental marketplace using Airbnb clone script Revenue Model

Kinds of users who are participating in a web portal

The 5 key components you have to focus on a successful car rental business:

Swathing it up


Let’s start with a business model and discuss how people are earning profit from it


The business model for online car rental marketplace

In a business model, when it is free you can also rent your car on a website like Turo and so on.

Renters can pay the fee for the time they spent on cars. This method of business is easily accessible and profit gaining for both renters and owners. This business provides not only for the car but also for all transport like boat booking, vehicle booking, bike booking and much more by using this platform, the owner can get a commission from each product.




Car rental marketplace using Airbnb clone script Revenue Model :

Booking fee commission:

In the web portal, owner can fix the amount to a renter for each product made the booking in the list of purchases.

Off-site online ads and car listing promotion:

For more booking from renters, owners can pay some more amount to provide the banner or other advertisements for their website promotions

Car owner subscription deal : 

Through smartphones, Users are able to access features like GPS tracking, sensors, hydro-static locks to secure car sharing for regular booking or safeguards for car parts the yearly/ monthly subscription can be used.


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Kinds of Users Who are Participating in a Web Portal:

Car Renter:

Users who are looking for car rental they can search according to their needs of requirements for riding in the web portal and User can settle the amount before or after their ride.

Car owner: 

Once renter list their requirements with a cost for the car ride, the car owner gets a notification in website panel and also car owner can disapprove the request from renter when the non-availability exists  


Admin can manage all process from content to listing management which taking place in website and admin have a rights to manage the renter booking with reports


Characteristics of Car renter:





  • The renter can register via email id

  • Verification link via email ID

  • Via social media platform like Facebook and so on

  • And also mobile number verified with OTP

2."Remember me" option


4. Forget password option

5.Account management

  • Password management

  • Account Life cycle management

  • Emergency access management

  • Auditing and reporting management

  • History of trip

  • Rebooking past trip

  • Reviews, rating to give and view

  • Status of booking  

6.Cancel of booking:

  • Cancellation of reservation and status of a booking

7.Car facilities:

  • Location

  • Ride date and time

  • Drop date and time

  • Model of car

8.Listing page search

9. View page

10. Car renting detailed page view

11. Help

12. Blog and Videos


Below video explains to make money on Turo by renting your car 


                                                          Video source: Money at 30


Characteristics of Car Owner:         


The owner can register

  • via email id

  • Verification link via email ID

  • Via social media platform like Facebook and so on

  • And also mobile number verified with OTP

  • Subscription package


  • Change password

  • Profile management

  • Editing management

  • Manage security

3.Booking details view:

  • Previous booking

  • Viewing product details

  • View renter review and ratings

  • Template generation

  • Booking alters

  • Update version


  • Approve booking

  • Reject booking

  • Waiting list

5.Canceled bookings:

  • Search filters

  • Search date and range

  • Car rental model search

6. Car details viewing :

  • Rating and reviews of user

  • Number of bookings

  • Price range

  • Filters of choices

  • Payment mode

  • Type of product

7.Car listing:

  • Car brand details

  • Car features and specification

  • Photos of car

  • View Availabilities of passengers

8.Details of car renting

  • Hourly cost

  • Weekly cost

  • Daily cost

  • Monthly cost

9.Booking options

10.Payment option




Characteristics of Admin

1.Manage renter and owner 

  • Management of listing like delete, edit, create

  • Listing approve/ reject

  • Managing the particular location of renter

  • Managing car brand/specification

2.Booking management

  • Manage payment

  • Manage reviews and ratings

  • Dealing with banner advertisement

  • Manage the terms and conditions of the product

3.Manage subscription packages 

4.Superimposing the reports  

5.Manage email notification




The 5 key components you have to focus on a successful car rental business:

The above user features and business model are a partition in business, you have to add such traits to your business design and work flow chart. In addition, add below strategies for our standing car rental business.

  1. Don’t forget to check the license of the renter

  2. It is a good thing for renters and owners when typing up with valid insurance and service provider.

  3. Assure the confirmation of ride timing because of the delayed booking no more useful for rental marketplace

  4. Try to make process feasible, for both on-site and on-road get success in the market

  5. Most profit term, provide mobile app for both Android and IOS user and web page too


Swathing it up:

If you have not started the vehicle rental business using the Airbnb clone yet? then it is the right time to start your successful career.

Besides, Your business able to obtain more profit when you think of the competitor's and customer's happiness and satisfaction. Implement the above features, components and business models in your business too and taste the success pride.

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