Top 20 cost-effective renting and leasing business ideas for successful business in 2019

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Do you have an idea to start leasing and renting business in 2019? and need to know more about recent trends in leasing? fine, In this digital world, starting a rental and leasing business is the smartest way to earn more profit with less investment. This is because everyone won’t buy new equipment for their use. so they would prefer rental rather than buying.   

Moreover, in the rental business, there is a seldom requirement of particular equipment which wouldn’t offer in a purchase. The startup investment is depending upon the product and equipment which you wish to rent in the market.

Generally, in a rental business, there are various business products to rent . and also, there is a movable and immovable asset. therefore, you should be aware of rental business products which product would suit to handle and budget ? in addition, you can spread your business very fast while products in the movable.

At the same way, it is impossible when the products are dealing in immovable property. You need to make research before starting products in the rental business.


Lease vs Rent:

Probably, you know about an asset which can be integrated to your business and if you want to access the product at all time then leasing is the best choice .while promoting your business in leasing, the security and assurance are most important that will engage your business. On the other hand, if you are a plan to start for a specific period, where you don’t need an asset in your business then you can move to rent business. However, lease vs rent depends upon the need of yours.


List of top 20 cost-effective leasings and renting :

1.Air conditioning renting business :

Normally, This renting business is need of user instead of buying a new air conditioning for some specific period. This is based on the air conditioning facilities for your clients by renting an air conditioning machine. this air conditioning renting might be used for the customer like traveler business people, function houses, and so on.


2.Apartment renting business:

Apartment renting business is the wise business for retailers because nowadays, most of the peoples are searching for apartment rentals so this the key to business where you can start your apartment renting business without investment in the market. Simply, you can connect with the owner of the apartment for rent


3.Houseboat rental:

This renting is an advanced business technology in the market. Where you have two option one is, you can purchase it and offer or you can contact a houseboat owner who is willing to give you for rent if yes, you can rent a houseboat for your clients.

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4.Car rental business:

In those days, only the richest man has a car. but nowadays, everyone can use a car by renting it. So that car rental business has occupied a special place in the market and this business having highly revenue business model among rental business. the primary operation is to maintain the reservation, cancellation, tracking, mapping, etc . so if you have an idea to start a rental business, then car rental would be a good choice.

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5.Furniture leasing and renting for babies :

This business most valid rental business. where parents started buying baby furniture for a particular period of time. Because, after children grew up the things might be useless/waste. it can not be used it again so most of the parents preferring this rental. Therefore, you having niche scope on this rental, you can start your business within the home rather than spending timing on commercial places.


6. Coffee machine renting :

Coffee machine renting is one of the greatest ways to earn money in marketing. whereas, today the small coffee business has been increasing everywhere like offices, schools, colleges, coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, bakeries and so on.


7.Conference and hotel room booking :

In this business world, most of the business and companies are searching for their personal clients' meeting or program in hotel or conference room . in case, you have much space, you can earn money by renting it.



8. Renting on office equipment :

Normally, startup businesses on any bases would willing to rent furniture and related equipment online because startup businesses won’t have enough money to purchase. However, you can lease or rent furniture and related office equipment.


9.Movie booking business:

In recent technologies, mobile phones became a mandatory one in our life. so through mobile, we can book, rental everything . in that way, booking a ticket for a movie, buses, the train has became become simple. so if you are interested in this business you can start with less capital.



10. Home appliances renting :

Home appliances renting is one of the trending business in the metro city where you can rent home appliances for the user who are relocating their place for a specific period.


11.  Sports equipment rental business:   

Probably, sports equipment won’t get much use in all seasonal times. So, the equipment rental business has been entered into the market. normally, leasing sports equipment is an affordable and alternative choice for a short time rather than buying a new one which might be expensive. Because of technology, sports stores offer equipment to lease.

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12.Book rental business:

This is the perfect platform for clients who can simply rent their books and might can earn profit easily. All kinds of books can be rent with the assistance of a rental script. To get off these advantages you wish to rent a bespoke book rental script for your business.

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13. Restaurant booking :

However, technology becomes advance so that more people started accessing the internet, companies utilize the chance to start a business online restaurant reservation system which is helpful for both customers and staff. This software is created for the emergence of online bookings on a restaurant, which can be made on a website, booking process, cancellation of booking, offers, special services and so on.

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14. Costume rental business :

 Costume rental business is the most profitable business in the industry. basically, your customer might be acting groups and so on. this business can be operated through a home or part-time.

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15. Camera and accessories :

Camera and accessories renting business can be done in two ways, one is online another one is offline . in the market, it's having a wide collection and values to be performed and it will increase your business revenue instantly.


16.Flat renting business:

In cities like the metro, flat renting services have a huge opportunity. In addition, the capital to start a flat renting business in less capital. therefore, the business is profitable in the area of suburban and metro cities and also people are looking for the flats to live or work. Moreover, the property owner is looking into property management for their business. To connect with the property owner to obtain better profit.


17 Party supplies:

Party supplies are quite different from other rental businesses. Because there you can only supply accessories and equipment. Therefore, you need not carry over other tasks in the market.


18.Renting artificial trees and flowers:

Normally, artificial trees and flowers are used in birthday parties, weddings, corporate functions and so on . they are mainly used for indoor and outdoor decoration. so people will prefer when there is a need for decoration.


19.Construction equipment renting :

Broadly, construction equipment renting is having a lucrative revenue model. every construction owners are looking for a rental company to serve their business demand in an effective way


20. Video game renting :

Actually, a video game is the most attractive tool among youngsters. Video game renting is trending leasing and renting a business that can easily attract the youngsters. so start a video game renting business within a home.


Therefore, the above rental business having a high impact on the market. so if you are the plan to start a rental business on any platform? there is much software to enhance your business in the market. but finding the customized software is a difficult one. Rentisto would provide you customized software for any kinds of rental business and they will make your business with effective and you’ll see an increase in business revenue


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