How to start an online dress rental in 2019 ?

Aug 03 , 2019 at 07:48 PM


Offer a dress rental services? here’s what you actually you need to know.

In recent time, the dresses are expensive in a market where girls are unable to buy for any party. If they, buy and it is no more useful for other days. This is the main reason that girls are backoff their dream.

Do you have a dream to stunt designers dress like Indo western dress, elegant, pageant dress, maxi dress, dress wedding, princess dress, cinderella dress and so on

Therefore, these dresses are so expensive where women are thinking to buy for one occasion.

To overcome this problem, the entry of dress rental is bloomed in the market .


I personally think this is an awesome idea for all women who dreamed to wear such dresses in their life. You may think, what about the price? Undoubtedly, the prices also give you a shock.

Rent your designers dress to women who want to shine like cinderella for a party

If you have an idea to start a rental business in dress business, then you can rule your own rental business in the market because nowadays the dress rental business is reaching everyone in the world and most of them are awaiting to get a chance like this offer.

Therefore, you can start your dress rental business at home by identifying room to store such a dress in a good manner and you can see an instant profit for your business.

The internet has become a weapon for an online business where you can grow your business as per your wish and you can expand your business from local to the global market.

Create a customer’s experience by offering them stunning accessorize related to the dress. this might create people’s attraction and to put an exclamation point on their parties.

By renting your dress along with some matching accessories that would increase your sales of business in the market and customer would get satisfied with your product at their expected budget.

Provide some security and written policy for your customers to enhance your product in the right way

                                         “It’s a trend in the market that’s to stay here “

However, read on and learn more about dress rental platform and how they are developed to make out the website, app to rent out dress in-store.

Create a unique business model and budget:

In this technology, the online dress rental platform is just a fashion industry in a market where we can buy fashionable dresses and accessories.

According to an online market, a successful business is based on unique design model for your clothing business and make a partnership with top designers that would create your business in a unique way and also can provide your customer access with newest outfits.

As in the position of dress rental owner, you can provide your own offer to a customer. In other hands, you can rent out your dresses up to one week and charge them a percentage of rental price as a fee. it includes the delivery charge, service charge, shipment charge and so on.


When the package of the product is confirmed then the order is delivered in the place of address mention in the booking process.

During the rental process of the material, provide some insurance amount which can cover the sort of damage in delivery.

2.Tips to build a great online fashion brand :

Here are some of the tips that make your fashion industry as branded one in the market .

  1. Be good spokes while communicating with a customer:

While discussing physical outfit stores, product display is the main source for customer’s attraction. where brand owners spend more amount of money on product look ti enhance the customer’s direction.


Do process the product image like the customers are looking into your product in real form. The image of your product consumes visual information that showcases your product value. here are some of product image strategies that customer really expects from your product :

  1. Fasteners (ie close up all button and hooks in cloths )
  2. Showcase your material cloth (ie using a micro lens, close up your material nature to a customer )
  3. Emblem ( zoom in for emblem which helps customer to look off )
  4. Rotate 360 ( it helps the customer to identify all side design placed )
  5. Provide size chart ( easy to manage the size of a customer )

2. Pay attention in product package:

Most of the fashion retailers attract the customer in packing to increase the visitor and loyal customer and also it indicates the value of your product and brand.

This type of attraction, compensate the physical product which is selling in a showroom. showcasing our product packaging gives customer experience before delivering a product


Normally, the customer expects a fashion model. so Product packing ensures everything about product values and fundamentals.

3. Use the product description to enhance target customer:

Normally, the customer looks off the product description and meta tags used in the particular product. this modern world of technology, every customer are expecting more styles and uniqueness in a product so while describing the description and meta tags make sure customer expectation and include the story telling that sell more product in the market.



4. Make look into sell:

By adding related products in chart page is a popular strategy in e-commerce market ( ie analyze the customer’s interest). this might increase the sales of all products at a time of single purchase. when you ask these option the customer might be happy shopping with your product. So provide such strategies to increase your sales in the market .



5.Provide an honest review :

If you are retailer sure you might know the importance of review section. Absolutely, buying a product or not in the hands of a review model of the customer. Because most of us buy the product in a suggestion of reviews. however, a better review would increase the product sale.

The brand completely depends on the customer's reviews. the positive review makes the customer buy-in wise manner. Even the negative review makes the customer buy because of facilities like return, refund option.


Show all your positive and negative review about your product to the customer . that might save your money from return and refund and also customer feel your brand as trustworthy in selling.

3.Process of purchasing flow chart for dress rental platform :


4.Key players :

  1. Rent the runway
  2. Chic by choice
  3. Lending luxury
  4. Gwynnie bee
  5. Dress & go
  6. Girls meet dress
  7. Dress hire

5.Revenue model on online dress rental platform :

Your online dress rent platform generates more revenue model when start renting your dresses. I listed some of the important topics below.

Commissions: For every transaction of your rental website, you can get a great commission in the market .

Transaction from customer: if customer booking is confirmed, then the website owner can get 4% of commission transaction

Subscription: subscription model creates a user to purchase instead of delivery fees, low price dress, offers, free dress when they register successfully on their page.

“Life is a party, dress like it “

On the other hand, you can upgrade your business to next level by selling your designer dresses in your website . in addition, allow some of the fashion brands in your website which can boost up your revenue model in the market .

Bonus reading :

Bottom line :

Dress rental business has a huge scope in the present and future also, especially for savings and customer’s experience. Create your own online dress rental enterprise today with advanced software.

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