How to Build a Website Like Airbnb? A Complete Guide

Oct 17 , 2019 at 04:28 PM



First of all, a warm welcome to one who is planning to start a rental business in the market. Time is unfolding nowadays, but the scope of the rental industry would not fade at any time. this is because of digital aids that reach out audience quickly.

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what does Airbnb mean?

A Journey of Airbnb 

Steps to build a website like Airbnb

Step 1 - Identifying and structuring the critical problems that empress in your business

Step 2 - Make a plan to build a successful MVP

Step 3 Find your loyal customers/user

Step 4 - Based on the feedback you can proceed further

Step 5 - Like Airbnb, grow your brand reputation

Winding up to start your exclusive revenue track


What does Airbnb mean?

Airbnb is a website , where you can book accommodation in various locations in the world. But they are having a unique twist among users.


         "Airbnb was born out of necessity. our rent went up . it was born out of a problem” 

                                                                                                                                  -Joe Gebbia          


By using this Airbnb website, users can rent their free space to the needed person on website and also gain some profit from rental days. This type of feature is welcomed by users to book more on their websites compare to other booking websites and Airbnb made history in the online market.

If it is possible to make history again? yes, possible. You can also make these kinda features to your customers by using the Airbnb clone script.


A Journey of Airbnb :



Let us walk through all steps mentioned below to create a website like Airbnb:

Step 1 - Identifying and Structuring the Critical Problems that Empress in Your Business

In this business world, every entrepreneur is logging to solve the problems which are existing in the business instantly and trying out to find the best solution to solve such problems.

For example, Let’s assume you have a niche idea to start a marketplace

First, if you wish to pursue your business to the next level, then research your target audience and start to find the needs of them.

When you are planned to start a business, sure you need to make a wise plan and decision that customers should attract. Finding the unique ideas of your customers, make them points one another and sort that points according to priority

Second, this is the main point to promote your business in the global market. Find the tactics and weaknesses of your competitors which making them shine and lagging among customers and try to implement such things in your marketplace.

This makes .! unique selling product in the market. And one more important thing you need to note, among customers, make your framework easily accessible. If you fail to implement your platform might bounce off in the market.

To make awareness for your brand, do an advert which is the most crucial in the market. And while making the fast and smart delivery what customer did not expect from you that create the magic to obtain a unique place in the business market


 Step 2 - Make a Plan to Build a Successful MVP:

  The word MVP (minimum viable product ) is a well-known factor for a budding entrepreneur

The MVP is the factor where you can get feedback from your existing customers to enhance your product with new attributes and features.

Here are 6 steps to plan to develop a successful MVP:

Step 1 - Make initial market research

Step 2- Encounter features for your product

Step 3- Indicate your uniqueness in the market

Step 4- Find the right solution partner to develop MVP

Step 5- Get suggestion from experts for core features  

Choose advanced technology stack for MVP :

When you are using the software/tool for your product is divided into the front end, database and back end

Front end :

In recent times, most of the developers are concentrating on the single page platform where it would have speed loading and high navigation and also for re-usability of code

Back end:

Back end is nothing, It depends on the front end technology you choose. For example, if you are choosing the ReactJs then it is fine to handle the load easily of ExpressJs

Database :

The database should be scalable, efficient and user-friendly to handle. Before the database, one thing you have to clear is that it is a query structure or non-query  structure.



Step 3- Find Your Loyal Customers/User:

To reach your targeted customers/users, there are numerous media platforms to reach. Depending on your customers or user preference you can choose your media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and etc

When your product is a business based structure then sure you can move to Linkedin whereas, your business is an entertainment-based structure then sure you can move to Instagram and snap chat to be considered. But also you can concentrate on all channels of marketing which you need to stick to one media platform.


Step 4 - Based on the Feedback You can Proceed Further:

At last, your marketplace is delivered in the market. A further requirement is to improve your analysis target.

By using the analysis tool, you can analyze the maximum customer's point of destination and behavior. By collecting this report, you can easily target the customers and also to implement new features for your business model.

To enhance more customer, test your website often with effective tools which might be helpful to free errors in your website

Normally, every business aims to engage with more customers . for this, you have to collect feedback continuously from your potential customers to increase the level of your product   


Step 5 - Like Airbnb, Grow Your Brand Reputation:

In an online marketplace, the product should not be concentrate only on selling, buying and revenue also the product should create trust, easily accessible and problem solver.

Approximately, you have satisfied both your customers and provides. They both have to benefit by using your website and mainly provider will seek benefit and they wanna increase their scale-up

On another hand, customer support should issue for both customers and suppliers. Definitely, the user and suppliers have issues and problems over your website. so your marketplace should act as customer support which disputes problems and bugs facing by customers and suppliers.

For example, the best marketplace like Airbnb had done this perfectly to their customers and making them visit back to back


Winding Up to Start Your Exclusive Revenue Track:

Now, its time to convert your dream into reality.

You can start your unique rental marketplaces like Airbnb with our effective ready-made Airbnb software/script using the advanced larval framework to lead y(our) business voyage with the website development and mobile application. Join hands with us for y(our) successful rental business.

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