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Jun 22 , 2020 at 05:28 PM


Covid19 Pandemic has caused the economic crisis all over the world. But We all should have the courage to overcome this hard situation and work effectively in a full-fledged manner to tackle the crisis through innovative ways. 

Online Car Rental business has been affected due to the lockdown throughout the world, as people are instructed to stay home safely to break the coronavirus chain. 

It has affected car-sharing apps, we have to cope with precaution measures to assure users to utilize your car booking app. Take preventive measures on cars like providing sanitizers, masks, and provide those preventive measures as videos on your blogs so that users get satisfied with your preferred actions.

When the Coronovirus curve gets flattened you have to be in a preferred position on the users' mindset to enhance your business post coronavirus pandemic.

To overcome your competitor in the online Car Rental business, 
Let us discuss preferred options to be included on your rental app

Personalized Trips

Where users able to get an added service for their requirements With a customized trip option So, users request for baby seat, support for elderly people, etc while booking the rentals for trips.

You can charge an extra fee for the added service on the rentals and car owners can also get an extra amount for those added pieces of equipment.




Outstation Drops

People are started moving from the corona highly prone areas to the green zone where the people are in a safe Zone. There are more wanted for outstation trips. People are returning to their hometowns for their safety during their moves they are solemnly dependent on the cabs /roadways as for their security purpose. 
You can Provide a package facility according to the requirements with added services. You can add added service charges to a particular distance.

Sharing the location status with their family & friends

The user can share his current location with the family spontaneously, as due to this pandemic situation some legal procedures may lead to quite timings on your trips. So that their family members ensure with their current location status, vehicle number, and car owners can also know about their car locations.

Multiple drop-off points

Developing a Car Rental App with Multiple Destination Specialities that retain the users, where the user able to set destination points and add further drops on the way as per the that they can drop their family /friends without chaos. Users can also change, add, or remove stops when they are on the move using this feature.

Scheduling Rides

As users planned their trips to have on time reaching the destination points without delay they can prefer for the Scheduled trips on Rental app with Schedule trips features available on the app.
Also, allow riders to reschedule and cancel their trip as per their requirement.

Text Translation option

If a user is from the other country and car owner may locals and there may language barriers to eradicate this issue we have added a text translation option to get the exact information without delay and hesitation.

With the above-mentioned enhancements and seamlessness of drop-offs, the cancellation of rentals gets reduced considerably. From this section, I hope you would have now realized all the innovative techniques that can be included in your car rental app to remain competitive in the online car rental business.

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