Rent and Sharing: What the future growth of rental industry ?

Aug 31 , 2019 at 05:46 PM


The rental business existing in the market as per many years, but in present technologies has improved to the next level and technology made connect with guest(consumers) and hosts (owner).

In recent times, rental business has a development to reduce the transaction costs and its building more profit and trust among customers.

                                            "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door"   


In future, the rental business has a huge scope to expand updated technologies which we would imagine.

In upcoming years, this industry has might occupy a special place compared to other industries in market and rental business are most welcomed by customers across the world.

This industry has been inspiring many young entrepreneurs and experts to start their own online business and startups while comparing with past and present.

Here are some of the recent technologies which would play a major in the future of the rental business.



On the prediction of future rental sharing:

Nowadays, the rental business has a major in the global market. It is growing and expanding in market than ever before. this bloom has happened because of the people are changing their lifestyle for travel, stay, ride, buy and sell.

              “Our Rental business stays very busy and we don’t require a visa or MasterCard”


In 2021, the rental business going to expand its growth to the double of now.

According to a survey, currently these industries gains over 48.4 million and expected to increase above 89.7million people by 2021. Almost it will reach $50 B in 2022 and revenue have a chance to increase up to $20B 

Based on the growth of the rental business the above report would perform.

Now its time to see how technologies occupied a place in rental industries.

Top rental sharing ideas:

Entrepreneurs can start their own business with advanced features and cost-effective with the help of rental industries.

                                             "It's not about ideas, it's all about making ideas happen"

The list of top rental ideas to start,

  1. Sports equipment rental business
  2. Dress rental business
  3. Vacation rental business
  4. Car rental business
  5. Boat rental business


We have explained the about rental business in our previous blogs  Top rental business ideas and how to start such business with zero investments.


Internet of things:(IOT )

Internet of things is the connection of internet to physical devices and it is connected by electronics to enable hardware connection. This device can communicate with each other and also can monitor over a long distance

There are many opportunities to create a platform in IoT. By using these facilities in rental industries, you can share your rental properties like building, cars, bikes, boat, dress and other items in IoT. It enables all our properties to sell and exchange with other data.

Benefits of IoT :

  1. Secure from robot
  2. Tracking
  3. Monitoring all data processing


How Blockchain technology changing the rental industries:

For all transaction of cryptocurrency, the blockchain is the main ledger .when the transaction or transfer occur among cryptocurrency the record exists and also can access to everyone who obtains that particular key on the blockchain.

We know, blockchain is the fast-growing technology in the market. For the development of rental industries, the blockchain is the next step.

This blockchain technologies of rental industries are for the safe and sure online transactions.

Blockchain has huge advantages so that many industries are planned to choose:

  1. Decrease the time of transaction.
  2. Reduce the risk taken over
  3. More secure and safe for every transaction and also maintain the proper records and tracking


Artificial intelligence :

Artificial intelligence is one of the technology where a user can interact with. In AI you can learn trends and plan to grow for the future also.

It acts as a decision-maker for all business that we can realize changes between human interactions and AI perform main role in rental industries.

In rental industries, AI mainly used for security purpose and to set price for customers in the market.

Advantage of AI in rental business:

  1. user experience with AI
  2. Wise price planning
  3. Implementing rental techniques


Big data :

 To process huge data and storing in a different sector without any spam is the main task for big data.

How Big data boost up rental business :

The main task of big data is to collect data from the user like name, reg number, phone number and location, and the giant database would filter all relevant information for the user.

To avoid such duplication of data and algorithms of customers, big data is the perfect tool for any platforms. Its role gives many opportunities to grow in these  industries

Big data help rental industries like the following aspects:

  1. Providing needs and wants
  2. Improvement of business level
  3. Helps to collect data from any platforms


Cloud storage:

Cloud storage is the simple term where you can store and access data and programs at any time and anywhere

Role of cloud storage in the rental business :

While having these cloud facilities with rental industries, you can easily improve profits and benefits as below :

  1. User -friendly
  2. Perform security
  3. Flexibility


Use social media for the rental business to bloom:

Similarly, branding is the only tool where the audience can aware of your product and its value in the market. Among thousands of advertisement, our mind sticks or attracted by one advertisement it depends on our needs and wants of product.

For example,

While talking about an advertisement, most of us mind stick to Nippon and Airtel advertisement because of its uniqueness among competitors. This type of advertisement would create audience awareness of your product.

                                          "The power of social media is to turn visitors into customers "


To know more brand building tips for rental business in social media 


Great business ideas for an entrepreneur:

In this modern technology, no wonder that kids too started their own business in the market.


       " The entrepreneur always searches for change, respond to it, and exploits it as an opportunity"


After knowing the scope and benefits of the rental business, this is the perfect time for the entrepreneur to start a rental business to obtain benefits mentioned below

This industry provides the main advantage that every entrepreneur expect from the market, that is you can start your own rental business with less or zero investment to get high profit.

And this industry provides you various opportunities like car, bike, apartments, bikes and etc.

This industry not only provides these features but also these industries can make huge amount of revenue through various committees in the revenue model.

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What’s your next move:

After knowing above rental features and technologies in market we came to know that the rental business having huge scope and benefits in future also. So, entrepreneur using this opportunity to shine in online business

                                      “Your victory is inevitable as long as you keep moving forward”

Therefore, if you are interested in a rental business like other successful entrepreneurs, then choose the right marketplace for your extreme business growth and also to make your platform with effective features and advanced technologies to your business.

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