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Nowadays, online booking system has been transmuted the environment towards its extend. In that way, almost 85% of users started to book a product or services on an online platform. So, starting an online booking system business in the rental marketplace might be your ultimate option for you.

Starting a rental business is smart ideas, where vendors and as well as admin of marketplace can earn more profit. As a vendor, you can offer products and services as rent on your online website across global. In addition, you can earn a commission from the purchase of each product

While you are really looking to enter into a rental marketplace? then ready to start your rental business with zero or less investment or time especially transportation and fashion rental business is most popular among customers.

This article gonna cover the following topics:

what is the rental marketplace?

Most popular rental marketplace for products

Top profitable rental products to start in an online marketplace

  1.  Equipment rental business
  2. Travel Gear rental business
  3. Dress rental business
  4. Furniture rental business
  5. Car and bike rental business
  6. Book rental business
  7. Sports gear rental business
  8. Music instrument rental business
  9. Accessories rental business

How online rental platform works?

The renter module indicates

Customer module indicates

Admin module indicates

Wanna obtain success in the online rental marketplace? here are some factors

  1. Support 
  2. Quality
  3. Unique strategies 

Final words  

What is the rental marketplace?

The rental business is an online platform where the owner allows the customers to rent products or services from website and to role of the admin is to collect the commission, maintenance of website and handle the customers' needs.

Therefore, there are 3 types of user in the online rental marketplace. They are,

Admin - website owner

Customers - people who are looking for rental items

Renter-  the person who put their products as rent on the admin website


Most popular rental marketplace for products:

In these days, the rental industry got more profit in the market. By the way, here is a list of the most popular rental marketplace with more profitable rental products,

Appliances Rental Business - Direct Appliance Rental

Games Rental Business - Game Fly

Book Rental Business - Chegg

Car Rental Business -Turo, Hertz

House Rental Business - Airbnb

Dress Rental Business - Rent the Runway

Movie Rental Business - Red Box

Equipment Rental Business - Herc rental

Furniture Rental Business - BFR, Cort


Top profitable rental products to start in online marketplace:

1.Equipment rental business:

Are you aware of an increase in the construction field? if yes, then you can start a rental business in construction because this rental business has a constant growth in a market where wouldn’t be any down’s. so if you are knowledged in construction or if you are interested in construction absolutely you can start your rental business in construction.

Note :

In united states, the annual revenue of a rental business is $2 billion from tools and equipment rental.

This is the right time and chance to start a rental business to became billionaire within a short period of time  


2.Travel Gear rental business:

Nowadays, travel became enthusiast among peoples and it is increasing day by day in tourist places. Customers are looking for places where the travel gear rental is available. Travel gear offer activities like riding, camping, and trekking.

Having an idea and range of travel gear at rapid places? then sure you can start a rental business on travel gear marketplace


3.Dress rental business:

In recent time, the dresses are expensive where girls are unable to buy for any party. If they buy and it is no more useful for other days. This is the main reason that girls are back-off their dream. Dress like Indo western dress, elegant, pageant dress, maxi dress, dress wedding, princess dress, Cinderella dress and so on. These dresses are so expensive where women are thinking to buy for one occasion.

To overcome this problem, the entry of dress rental is bloomed in the market and moreover dress rental business has huge scope in present and future also.

 Therefore, start your own dress rental business and obtain more profit in the market.

To know more:

4.Furniture rental business :

Furniture rental business is something different from other rental business and it has types of furniture like school furniture, college furniture, luxury furniture, baby furniture, and so on. This furniture is only available in rental stores.

For example:

 Normally, every parent recommends the baby furniture in rental stores because after the growth of children the baby furniture is useless. So keeping this in mind, everyone prefers furniture rentals.

So you can start a rental business on furniture based but you need a proper office space.


5. Car and bike rental business :

Car and bike rental business can offer you hourly and daily basis rentals from tourists. To provide more customer attention make a partnership with hotels and resort owner .which bring you more customers engagement that leads to profit in your business.

If you are providing car and bike rental business services for a specific area of tourist places, you need to instruct the customers about location, timing and provide riding accessories like a helmet and so on so that they won’t break the law from their side

To know more:


6.Book rental business :

This is the perfect place to earn a profit than investment by simply renting the books online.. All kind of books can be rent with the help of a rental script. you can start a book rental business with these features and fundamentals of a rental script for your business

To know more:


7.Sports gear rental business :

Probably, we know the sports equipment get to use in some seasonal times only. So, the equipment rental business has been entered into the market. normally, leasing sports equipment is an affordable and alternative choice for a short time rather than buying a new one which might be expensive. Because of technology, sports stores offer equipment to lease.

To know more:


8.Music instrument rental business :

This rental business is great idea because event organizers and musicians were not able to maintain their instruments in a household.

Create an online marketplace for instrument rentals like guitars, drums, pianos, keyboards and more. Offer these in rental at a reasonable price to obtain loyalty customers in your rental business


9.Accessories rental business :

 This is the right time to start accessories rental business because every customer expects accessories for their accessions and more. Start accessories rental business like handbags, jewelry, sunglasses, glove, hats, headgear, sash, hairnets and so on to help your customers buy offerings these accessories and make memories in their life.


How online rental platform works?

In the online rental marketplace, there are three major modules: they are renters module, admin module, and customers module. Each module has a unique responsibility to perform in the online rental platform

The renter module indicates:

  1. Accepting the request of booking
  2. Creating an account for renter
  3. Updating the products and details
  4. Indicting the rental deposit


                                                             Image source: shopygen 


Customer module indicates :

  1. Creating an account as a customer
  2. Ability to search for items
  3. Rights to ask questions about the product
  4. Selection of particular product/item
  5. Giving request for booking
  6. Mentioning the duration of the booking
  7. Making the online payment
  8. Receiving the product for rental


                                                       Image source: shopygen 


Admin module indicates :

Where admin is the monitor of the overall online rental platform. admin mainly support customers and to maintain the rental website.

  1. Disapproves/ approves can be done on renter account
  2. Disapproves/ approves can be done on customer account
  3. Investigates the details of renter and customers
  4. Verifying the listing details


 Wanna obtain success in the online rental marketplace? here are some factors :

 In this online market, starting a rental business is not that much tough but surviving the competition among this world is little bit challenging task because already inspired by Airbnb, Chegg, rent the runway so entrepreneurs are interested to start a rental business and trying to get much profit in the rental industry.

The following factors help you to survive in this competition :



Support :

Never give up your customers opinion and try to create new modules which customer feel comfortable in their way. Support your loyalty customers by providing some offers as possible


As soon the product is listed, take a look for quality and provide a quality product for your new and loyal customers at an affordable package. This might increase your revenue because customer visits your business again and again.

Unique strategies :  

Wanna make a special place in the market? then offer some discount, lower rent, support, notification and so on that make a customer get the product on your website.


Final words :

If you have a plan to start a rental business? then you would need customized rental software for your successful business. After knowing our benefits and package price many rental business modules connected with Rentisto. start your online rental business with customer rental requirements like a dress, furniture, cars, cycle, bike, equipment, accessories and much more


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