Airbnb Clone for Language -Learn languages at home by hosting native speakers.

Jan 02 , 2020 at 06:26 PM


In a recent lifestyle, we all are enamored of Travelling and eager to learn about new cultures and languages globally. We are living in the digital era, where we can do all our things done in advance with the help of enhanced technologies. we are booking our accommodations, cars, food, and Paying bills, etc.over Online Websites.

You may well be known about the successful business Airbnb, which started as a local business and reached widespread globally. With the idea of Airbnb as spark start Airbnb Clone for Language, Get free accommodation universally by practicing your language with locals. 

What is Airbnb clone for Language?

It is a new and ingenious sort of business plan in which a host can give rooms to the guest (traveler) in exchange for practicing their traveler’s language. Hosts can showcase their region by welcoming a guest from across the globe and practice a foreign language by maintaining the comfort of their own home.

How Airbnb Clone for Language works?

1. In Airbnb clone for Language users and hosts need to register on the website.
2. Once users and hosts registered on the website they will be verified by the admin.
3. After the verification, users able to provide their details and their known language.
4. Hosts can provide the accommodation details, available facilities, and Language they want to learn.
5. Users can find the hosts on the website according to the availability of hosts over desired locations.
6. Once the user finds the hosts can send a booking request for the preferred host.
7. Hosts able to check the details of the users and if they are ready to accommodate the users, booking confirmation messages will be notified to the user via website.



Enhanced Features of our Airbnb Clone for Language script

To become a successful business like Airbnb, your Website Design is the foremost thing where the user should feel easy to bid with your website. The website must be robust and able to handle the user's request with efficiency, hassle-free transactions.
Our Airbnb clone Script for language has two Panels,
User Panel

Register and login
The user has to first register and login to the website through the User panel.

The users are verified once they register on the website.

Language Known
Users can list the languages known.

Desired Location
users able to find the host with the help of searching for desired locations and check the availability of hosts.

Reviews and Ratings
Users can provide reviews and ratings for their hosts.

Host Panel

Register and login
The host has to first register and login to the website through the Host panel.

Language Interested
The host can list the languages wanted to learn.

Location and Available Facility
users able to find the host with the help of searching for desired locations and check the availability of hosts.

Reviews and Ratings
Hosts can provide reviews and ratings for their Guests.

What are Technology Stacks used for Airbnb Clone for Language script?

Airbnb clone for Language script must able to handle the number of requests from different types of mobiles and web browsers.
Your website must be optimized to Desktop as well as for the Mobiles. 

Web stacks are used to create real-time websites with push capability and to handle backend, and it has Advancement in handling real-time requests at the website to organize the database in the server.
Our Available Web Stack is as follows;
Mongo DB
Node js
Express Js

Mobile stacks are used to build the user interface and frontend functionality of the application.
Our MoBile Stacks include; 
Angular Js

The admin one who has control over the Whole website,
the admin able to organize the listings of the users as well as hosts. Authorized to view the transaction held on the website.
Able to edit and delete the listings on the website.

The Revenue generation is from the user's listings and Host listings.
The Admin is able to display the featured ads for the user and hosts.
You can earn a commission fee for the bookings held on the website.

Why bid with our Airbnb Clone for Language Script?

Rentisto has certified developers, who have in-depth knowledge in the developing Airbnb clone Scripts for various products like Car Rentals, Boat Rentals, Food & Beverages, Petsitter, Space Rentals, and Tools & Equipment, etc. our developers have 5+ years of experience in designing, developing, and deploying a successful Rentals Scripts.



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