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Dec 09 , 2019 at 12:46 PM


Airbnb is a Successful model in Online Rentals Business in a worldwide. Airbnb for food is a meal-sharing Business plan, To share various Culinary famous in the Regions without leaving your place.

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In Today's digital world, Everything around us is changed to a digital way like booking hotels for vacation, paying bills online, etc.

As our life is moving towards the Digitalized, why not our foods?
Yes, there are Apps available for culinary recipes at our doorsteps.

The idea of sharing cuisine ideas and recipes which are famous cuisines in their regions. It will help cook persons to try new cuisines of different regions, which they wish to have at their place. Everybody wants to taste the new type of cuisine famous in different regions of the world at their place. this gives the idea of sharing their culinary with peoples all around the world.

Why start Airbnb clone for food?

Airbnb for food is a meal-sharing business plan that assures you to traverse culinary regions without leaving your place. People can experience unique dinners, cooking classes, and food voyages with hand-selected hosts. Airbnb for the food business concept allows people to peruse culinary stories with selected hosts. They can simply select their favorite food experience and book a date works for them and can able to chat with the host directly.

How Does Airbnb Clone For Food works?

Airbnb clone for food allows the Guests to explore abundant delicious food experiences throughout the world and once picked a destination, they can find a pleasant eating experience right for them. Once they made choice, they can simply select dates available and click “Call to Book” and they won’t be priced until hosts take requests. Guests can drop requests at any time. The picked host shares their food story with a guest can they can explore new cultures and enjoy real food experience. It is the working model of Airbnb for food and this is quite a trending business idea for enthusiastic businesspeople.


Our Airbnb Clone for Food Website has Eminent Features like

Book Request
Users can place an order spontaneously or book the order to an adjusted time for it to get available.

Desired Regions
Users have to select preferred regions for a particular cuisine and Fetch details which cuisine they want.

Single Click
Booking hosts just in a single click. Users can take their phones and place the booking to get available.

Skim for Hosts
Users can easily browse through the Hosts with comfort. They can start searching for the hosts for culinary in a particular region which they want to try.

Once the user finds the Host on the app, he/she can place the order directly. The information related to the request is made available on the app.

If a user has placed an order and they are waiting for it to get Accepted, then they can check the status and track the availability.

Key Features of our Airbnb Clone for Food

User App - User App has options where users can indulge in Booking Dates for the desired Hosts.

Easy Login

The user can simply log in to the account with the social networks.

Users can add your favorite listing to their wishlist in the user's app and also share it with their friends via Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Flexible Reservation
If suddenly your scheduled hosts are changed to some other users due to certain reason, you can take our flexible software reservation scheme.

Secure Payment
The payment of the users for their booked hosts and the user can pay for the booking in their desired payment methods.

Reviews and Ratings
The end users can leave their desired ratings and reviews about the service and the admins can obtain feedback about how their users feel about their service.

Hosts App - This helps the user to list, manage their Cuisine details in the Website with the help of following options

Hosts can send exclusive offers, great discounts, and promotional coupons to multiple guests using this module to attain more bookings.

List Your Cuisine
As listing is unlimited, the host has the right to list any number of their cuisines at zero cost and manage them easily without complications.

Transaction History
The host can easily view and download a detailed summary of complete transactions which has been done in the past.

Manage Cuisine Details
The host can effectively manage their cuisine details and update the profile if there occur any changes in the Cuisine detail.

Work- fit essentials
The host list hundreds and thousands of Cuisines to the site, add, edit and manage the listing easily without count limitation.

Admin Dashboard
In the admin login, the admin could perform all the back-end functionalities. There is a variety of functions for the admin to set up to handle the operation of the entire website along with the listed hosts & the users of the website. 
The admin dashboard has the following features & sections for the admin to maintain & manage. 

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