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Dec 13 , 2019 at 03:44 PM


It is a good idea to start a Website for Rental Business, Airbnb is one of the successful models in the online rental business in the world.

In the digital world, each and everything is in digital form. These days we are booking cars, rooms, and paying bills on the website, then why not start a website for boat rentals. Kick Start your business with the Successful Business model of Airbnb.

We offer Airbnb Clone For Boat Rentals, where the user can search, find and, book boats on the website. Start renting private boats through the website. 

We also offer Airbnb Clone Scripts for Online Rentals Business like Vacation Rentals, Car Rentals, Pet Sitter, Book Rentals, and Boat Rentals, etc.

Why start Airbnb clone for Boat Rentals?

Though how old we are, whatever we enjoy in our vacations, water bodies and boat rides play an amazing role in the vacations. This gives the significant idea of starting the Boat rental business.
Airbnb clone for Boat Rentals where the user books the boats, boats are rented by hosts and displayed on your website.
Airbnb clone website is going to act as a bridge between the users and renters.
It is Evergreen Revenue Earning Model As long as humans are fond of water bodies and Boat Rides, it is going to be rapid growth for the Entrepreneurs.

Overview of  Airbnb Clone For Boat Rentals

Our Airbnb Clone Script has a Significant Web design and Layout for the boat rental website.

Book Request
Users can place an order spontaneously or book the order to an adjusted time for it to get available.

Desired Boats
Users have to select preferred regions for a particular boat and Fetch details which boat they want.

Single Click
Booking Boat just in a single click. Users can take their phones and place the booking to get available.

Browse for Hosts
Users can easily browse through the Hosts with comfort. They can start searching for the Boats in a particular region which they want to try.

Once the user finds the Boats on the app, he/she can place the order directly. The information related to the request is made available on the app.

If a user has placed an order and they are waiting for it to get Accepted, then they can check the status and track the availability.


Essential Features of the Airbnb Clone For Boats
A webpage that plays an important role in Rental Business, as it should be able to handle the ample of requests from the users.
Our clone Script has two Modules, 
1.User APP
2.Host APP

User App
User app in which users able to bid with a website for booking boats. it has options like,

Easy Login
The user can simply log in to the account with the social networks.

Social sharing
Users can add your favorite listing to their wishlist in the user's app and also share it with their friends via Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Secure Payment
The payment of the users for their booked boats and the user can pay for the booking in their desired payment methods.

Reviews and Ratings
The end users can leave their desired ratings and reviews about the service and the admins can obtain feedback about how their users feel about their service.

GPS Tracking
User can pursue the exact location of the resources quickly with the help of GPS

Native Based Currency
Precocious Currency Switcher module automatically switches the website's currency based on the user's IP address.

Hosts App 
This helps the user to list, manage their Boat details in the Website with the help of following options

Hosts can send exclusive offers, great discounts, and promotional coupons to multiple guests using this module to attain more bookings.

List Your Boats
As listing is unlimited, the host has the right to list any number of their Boats at zero cost and manage them easily without complications.

Transaction History
The host can easily view and download a detailed summary of complete transactions which has been executed.

Manage Boat Details
 The host can effectively manage their boat details and update the profile if there occur any changes in the Boat (type and seat availability).

Admin Dashboard

In the admin login, the admin could perform all the back-end functionalities. There is a variety of functions for the admin to set up to handle the operation of the entire website along with the listed hosts & the users of the website. 
The admin dashboard has the following features & sections for the admin to maintain & manage. 

1.Guest Service Fee Option
2.Listing Fee Option
3.Commission Tracking Management
4.Integrated Google Analytics
5.Review Management System
6.Watermark Feature
7.Trust And Verification System
8.Stripe Payment Module
9.Desktop Notification
10.Booking Status Management
11.Admin Panel Color Management

Why Bid with Our Airbnb Clone Script?

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