How to Launch Online Platform for Renting Accessories using Airbnb Clone Script.

Feb 24 , 2020 at 05:56 PM


In our busy lifestyle, we are dependent on the Online platform for our routine activities, where we can book a rental car, book a room for our vacation, book boat, etc. The digital platform has provided ease of access to us, we can pay our bills, utilities with the online platform.
We all know that Airbnb is a Successful Business model in Online Rentals, Where it has started as a small sparkle and now it is widely spread globally, Airbnb is providing online rentals in 19 countries.

What is Airbnb Clone for Accessories?

An online rental platform for renting unique accessories for special occasions, where the users can rent out the admired items from the item listed by the shop owners or individuals.
The website owner attains huge earnings by getting a commission from the renter and owner side.

How Airbnb Clone for Accessories works?

Online rentals for accessories where the user has to get registered on the rental website and owners have to register on the website for listing their accessories. After registration, the user and owner will be get verified by the website admin through the registered mobile number. Once after verification, the user can search, find the book the desired accessories listed on the website. The owner can list their accessories with details of it. if the user chooses specified accessories and requests for booking to the owners, once owners confirm the booking through notification message, the user has to pay the rental cost on the website through available gateways. Once the user pays the cost the item is allocated for the user for specified booked dates. 

Revenue Generation from Airbnb Clone for accessories rental website

Airbnb clone for Accessories rental where website admin has earnings from the successful booking held on the website. 
Featured ads for specified accessories for listing their items.
Banners Ads for other websites and products on your site.
Packages and coupon schemes on seasonal time.



Why bid with our Airbnb Clone for Accessories?

Our Airbnb clone for accessories has strong Webdesign and 3 different panels for the user, host, and admin.

Robust Webdesign

The website build for Airbnb clone for accessories has distinct features with impressive web design layouts. as web design is an important factor for impressing the clients and a beautiful way of listing the accessories.


Enlighted Features Available in our User Panel
The user panel/ app is exclusively built for the user convenience, as a user registered specified space is allocated for them for storing wish lists.

The user able to login to book the accessories for a specified period.

Advanced Search Option
The user can find the desired accessories using the advanced search options to search find navigate the specified accessories.

Secured Payment

The user can pay the rental cost on the payments available on the website. The user data are handled securely with enhanced security features.

Review and Ratings
The user able to provide review and ratings of the rental accessories on the website, this would help the other users to know the exact conditions of the rental accessory.
This would help the website admin to know the quality of the service given.

Wish List
The user able to save the favorite items in the wish list for their future usage, this would help them for future bookings. 


Enlighted features available in Our Host Panel

The host panel is extensively built for the comfort of the hosts listing their items on the website.

Offers and Coupons
The host can provide offers and coupon codes for the specified users according to their desire. In which specified offers for a particular type of customer.

Listing items
The hosts are able to list their infinite number of accessories without any extra charges for it.

Listing Items Management
The host able to manage the infinite number of items on his listings, where the host can specify the details of the item, can able to update the item details without restrictions.

 Transaction History
The host can view the transaction held on the specified window of the period as per his desire without any restrictions.
He can able to analyze the transaction held in the past.

Reviews and Ratings
The host is able to provide review and feedback of the user who has handed over the accessories in normal conditions without any damage. This feedback will be useful for other hosts about a particular user(trusted users).


Exclusive Feature available in our Admin Panel

The Admin can manage on overall the website, where admin able to manage the list of hosts listing items on the website. The admin can manage the user list and able to update the lists after modification.
Admin able to manage the transaction history and able to analyze the revenue from commission fee, Featured ads fee, Banner Ads, Packages and Schemes.
The admin has full control over the website, has access to all the listings, backup, resource analysis, user details.

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