How to Launch Online Rental App Like Airbnb?

Mar 16 , 2020 at 05:43 PM


In our busy lifestyle, we have no time to go and book for transport for our vacations and meanwhile in vacation season we won't get quality assured facilities on the vacation spots. To overcome the unexpected problems arising in our travel trips, we go for an app to book hotels and tickets in advance with the reservation facility. This gives an idea of launching your own Online Rental app Like Airbnb, with the Airbnb Clone App.

While starting a startup app you have to do analysis and find the basic process of starting a business. Here I have mentioned those important basic steps are

1.Powerful Business Model
2.Astonishing User Interface
3.Precise Market Research
4.Great Future
5.Enhance Features of Airbnb Clone app

Airbnb is a Powerful Business model in Online Vacation Rentals

An app like Airbnb fulfills our needs and demands with their online booking system which is easily available in our mobile as an application. Airbnb is a vacation rental marketplace started as a small scale business idea and widely spread to more than 100 countries in the world in the field of booking vacation rentals at a reasonable cost.

Airbnb Market value

Airbnb is available in over 190 countries across the globe. 
150 million users at an instant in the Airbnb app.
6,40,000 list of hosts on the Airbnb app.
4 million Airbnb listings.
Airbnb is available 65000 cities. 
Lively Airbnb has 300 million guests daily.
700000 companies that do work on the Airbnb app.

Astonishing User Interface

The User Interface is the foremost thing in building an app like Airbnb, as it has a positive Vibes on reaching the users.
The application becomes successful in reaching users with its quality assured standards with unique designs and layouts. Impressive design with efficiency in performance is the root cause to acquire huge users to your app.
Our Airbnb Clone Has 3 distinctive apps for customers and admin.

User App
The user able to register and login to the app, start the search, find and book the product listed on the app.

User has Essential Feature like 

  • Login
  • Advanced search tools
  • wishlists
  • Social media sign in
  • Flexible Reservation
  • Secured Payments
  • Reviews and Ratings

The host has Essential features like

  • Register and Login
  • List your Products.
  • Manage listings
  • Updating Listing details
  • Transaction History
  • Offers to desired users.



Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard has full control over the website able to view and organize the user's lists, host lists, listing product details, transaction history, etc. Admin has Features like

  • Managements
  • User List 
  • Host Lists
  • Listings Details
  • Listing Updates
  • Instant Message data
  • Booking status
  • Coupons and offers
  • Banner ads
  • Finance
  • Payments 
  • Resource
  • Transaction details
  • Currency converter
  • Managing static pages 
  • Newsletter Templates


Precise Market Research

To Launch the app, you have to be focused on delivering your business in the right situation with Essential features to impress your users on your app. Go for a well-established business plan to start your business. Analyze your competitor in very close to know how they fit the customer demands and where they are lagging.
Try to overcome with their lagging and providing featured service on the initial stage through which more users can able to use your service.  

Great Future 

Once your app has reached the target audience you can increase the volume by providing satisfying service at the cheapest cost. You have to create brand awareness for your customers with your service facility. When users started reaching your apps then, in turn, it will lead to an increase in operating resources on your app. You have to update your service accordingly to the user's convenience and demands in an advanced manner.

Enhance feature of Airbnb Clone App 

You can Enhance the features in your clone app with the advanced features to be implemented on your Online Rental app.

Location personalization

Develop your app to use Location Personalization to target and customize your app to drag users in that particular location. 

 Login with OTP on Mobile

Login with OTP with their registered mobile numbers \emails and provide automatic detection of OTP to the APP to avoid Fake registrations and orders can be eliminated on the website with this strong authentication process in the Airbnb clone App.


Ensure the use of watermarks in your uploaded images to give maximum protection. To avoid the misuse of your uploaded image on your Online Rental Platform.

Chat Translation

Facilitate the users to see the chat discussions in their favored language with the help of Google translator in your app. Boost the user interaction in your platform by eliminating language barriers with advanced chat translation technology.

AWS S3 Bucket Integration

Integrating AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) into the Airbnb clone app allows clients to store, organize and retrieve any amount of data. With its efficiency and well-structured security and access control features, secure your data from unofficial access.

Image Composing Solutions

Clone app with an extremely efficient image composing solution to detect and filter offensive and unseemly pictures shared by the end-users in your platform and to protect your brand reputation.

Emojis and GIFs 

Bypass the formal type of chat conversations and grab the user’s notice with the incorporation of visually appealing factors like emojis and GIFs in your app. Through cover the way for active, friendly and fun-filled chat discussions and add more opportunities for convincing the guests.

Informative videos

Keep an engaging explainer video in your application to engage your users. Describe your product to your target clients and enhance the reputation of your Clone App. 

Rentisto offers you Complete IOs/Android for Airbnb Clone App to start your online Rental Platform instantly. They are highly customizable, scalable and efficient in Performance.

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