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Dec 25 , 2019 at 06:00 PM


Is there any possibility to buy all sorts of equipment? Are we going to use it frequently? why buy equipment for a temporary purpose? No, right!!! In our day to day activities, we don't use equipment frequently as it comes to the scene when there is a sudden repair or emergency purpose only. People don’t prefer to spend money on buying equipment. But while in certain situations without having or using the equipment is not possible, in case of an emergency. we depend upon the equipment to get our things done, but

it is not possible to buy all the equipment, and at that time we used to acquire it from somebody. Have you thought about what happened if you make this as a business? Yes, Right!!! Rent-out equipment for a day or hourly base and make earnings from this. 

In our digital world, we are all fed over the trending Website for our day to day activities. We all know that there various applications for Food, cars, boats, rooms, vacation rentals, etc. Equipment & tools rental business is a fantastic investment where the entrepreneurs can obtain more profit hastily. 

What is Airbnb Clone for Equipment and Tools?

Airbnb Clone for Equipment and Tool- The website is an online marketplace, users able to search, find, and book the equipment required for the period. The individual or shop owners can list out their Tools & Equipment for renting it. 

How Does Airbnb Clone for Tools and Equipment works?

The Website where users able to book tools and equipment, for a specified time. The user has to register at first after the verification process users able to search, find, and book the required tools. The Renters or Tools owner has to register after the verification, can list their tools and display banner ads for their tools. once the user login, they can find specified tools and rental cost and book for an hourly or daily basis according to their needs. The user has to wait until the booking gets confirmed from the tools owner. Once the tools owner confirms via notification message to the user, the user has to pay for rentals.

After completing the rentals time owner gets paid from the website admin. The website admin can prepare the transactions held in the website with the help of a payment gateway supported on the website.


Revenue Origination 

In this business model, you can earn revenue from the renters as well as from the owners. You can earn by the commission from every booking held On the website, this could be done securely throughout your platform. you can charge a percentage amount from the payment for the premium listing process, from the owners.

Plus, you can gain through the Google Adsense and through the late return penalties too this penalty can be defined by your admin, from this you can debit some corner of money from renters.

Eminent Features of our Tools and Equipment Rentals website

Developing your website with high extraordinary features can be a game-changing point for your business. Because there are plenty of equipment rental websites or apps available in the online industry, among them, standing out and retaining a constant grade is not an easy one. Towards attaining the user’s commitment, you ought to do something more innovative from the others which only make you as unique.

Equipment search filters

Holding the search feature with various filters and sorting elements based on the tool criteria and by the location helps to narrow down your users’ search.

Online catalog

This feature allows listing the types of equipment with its availability lists and cost packages which helps the user to quickly plan their demand.

Availability updates

Before proceeding the rental process the renters can send the request to the equip owners for the availability checking of the tool.

Secured Payment 

This allows your user to pay easily online via different authorized payment gateways, it ensures to be secured and could be monitored by your admin panel.

Rentals cost sets

You can charge your renters for borrowing the equipment through the basis of a period. you can set the added and default price preference for the specific tools for a specific time.

Built-in invoice 

This improves to propagate a secured and trusted renting flow in your platform by issuing invoices for each rental booking, by creating the invoice templates with the company info.

Equipment packages

Offering the associated specific types of equipment tools in a single package with the offers will highly meet the customer needs and helps to gain the customer’s commitment.

Why bid with our Tools and Equipment Rentals?

I assured that our equipment rental solution from Rentisto would cost-effectively fulfill all your requirements.

Firmly, our equipment rental website contains several attractive features with responsive design, hassle-free user-interface, etc. to provide the best user experience for your equipment rental app. Our equipment rental solution presents your app or website with the flexible customization trait by proffering the versatility, convenience and integration features to update and modify for future obligations.


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