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Start Your Rental Booking Business Website & Earn More with In-build Revenue Generator

Responsive Design For Rental Business Website

Make your rental business website more attractive and responsive to any devices with our impressive bootstrap responsive design. We are serving you with trendy designing elements for your business success.

Focused On Easy Customization

Rentisto can have capable of customizing it with any kind of rental business platforms. Based on your desire you can easily customize it.

Start Your Rental Booking Business Website & Earn More with In-build Revenue Generator

Rentisto Rental booking script takes the heavy lifting and guesswork out of settings to meet your performance goals of your rental business. Each module of this rental booking business script is designed to help you achieve a specific goal for running the best rental website business. This rental booking script / software outlines working with the most different types of automated rental booking business.

Rentisto is a unique service provider, focused on serving the people who are struggling to start their rental business online. We have come up with some exclusive features to overcome the issues faced by existing rental websites. We have started our service with a keen eye on satisfying the business people who are admired about airbnb and similar like those rental booking portals.

Why use Rentisto - Rental Booking Script

  •     Setting up a rental website will not be as easier like this ever before.
  •     Location based property listing and targeting the audience are easier now.
  •     Rentisto has developed with the capability and flexibility of accepting SEO friendly features.
  •     New add-ons and special features can help you to overtake the business of leading rental websites!

Admin end Script Features

  •    Guest On-boarding
  •    Review & Rating Information for Listing
  •    Easy Customization
  •    Cloudinary CDN integration support
  •    Title & Price Based Search - Advanced Filtering
  •    Google Location Search
  •    3D street view options
  •    Multi - Currency Payment System
  •    Multi - Language System

Guest/ Hoster Side features

  •     Payment gateway support
  •     Easy Checkout with wallets & Multiple payment system
  •     Referral Commision by social login
  •     Smart Search
  •     Showcase the best
  •     Impress with videos into listing

How to earn revenue using this product

Rapidly earn with your rental booking business website by using in-build revenue-generator 

Earn money from the user for every successful registration on your website!

Rentisto as a rental platfrom will act like a connection between the host and guest. Admin can earn money for listing each property.

Every booking has completed from the Guest-end admin can collect money from the host.

Admin can collect fee from the third parties who are wishing to list their product adds on your website!

Canceling or modifying the registration is a usual activity in booking platforms. So If guests want to extend their registration or to cancel it. As an admin, you can collect a significant amount as fees. It depends upon your wish.

Guest always looking for a verified property. So if the property has verified then it will get more booking. Admin can collect fees for listing the verified property.

User Registration Fees
Fee for Listing Properties
Service Fee from Host
Ad banner Fees
Registration modification Fees
Property Verification Fees


Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Business Can I Start With This Script?

You can start any business related to rental. For eg, if you provide rental cars, this script will be very useful. If users use this script u can easily get an update about their car location, booking of cars etc. 

  1. Car rental Business
  2. Party Supplies Rental Business
  3. Dumpster Rental Business
  4. Apartment Rental Business
  5. Medical Equipment Rental Business
  6. Railroad Car Rental business
  7. Office Furniture Rental business
  8. Tool and Equipment Rental Business
  9. Artificial flowers Rental Business
  10. Heating and Air Conditioning Rental Business
  11. Audio Equipment Rental Business
  12. Book Rental Business
  13. Room Rental Business

Benefits of Using Rentisto Vacation Rental Booking Script?

If you use this rental booking script, you can get many offers, latest innovative design , development features with cost-effective. Because in today's world people rely on the online world. Automatic updates can be done if you choose this rentisto vacation rental booking script.

Rental industry is so vast and accommodating for as many focused individuals who are dedicated to work hard and earn a living. You just need to be ready to learn and adapt, then flow with the tides. The sky is your limit when you do all that you are required to do so that you start on the very right footing.

Is Installation of the script is easy for existing websites ?

Yes, It is easy to install in all types of rental business existing sites if it is in HTML, CSS, PHP, Mysql. This Rentisto Vacation Rental Booking script is easy to customise and it is well documented.So that any user can understand and use this script easily.



Why Should I choose Rentisto Script with compared with other Rental Booking script provider?

Rentisto script provides extra features like Multiple Payment gateway support, Smart Search Engine , Smart Filtering Options, Impress with videos into listing, Wallet System, Booking System, Ready to Market. Through this features, you can attract your customers.

Do you make Custom Changes to Rentisto script ?

Yes, we can make almost all custom change to our products. If you need a custom change do not hesitate to contact us and we will give you a non-obligation quote. We will customize our script according to customer choice.


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